Super Smash Bros Ultimate Adventure Mode

As Kirby, you must journey across the vast to confront and combat Spirits that have seized control of puppets made from the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Adventure Mode. In the course of your travels, you’ll be able to liberate the imprisoned combatant and imbue them with Spirits so that they may take on a vast army. 

There is a huge overworld in which you may move between places, pick your route, and engage in combat with Spirits. Find a way into Galeem and bring the fight to him to rescue the planet, and that is your major objective. It is possible to traverse the World of Light in whatever way you choose and to skip some fights entirely, while other Spirits are required to reach specific locations. It is the primary single-player campaign of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Hurdle in Super Smash Bros Ultimate – World of Light

However, if you don’t know where to hunt for it, it may be necessary to grind out all of the Spirits until you find it. As a result of our extensive playtime, we’ve taken note of which Spirits you’ll require for each obstacle. Here is a list of them: –

  • To unlock the Temple of Light Zone’s main gate, you’ll need to press three switches at the same time. North, east, and south on the map indicate where they are located.
  • Pico’s F-Zero car is the Wild Goose. Using Pico will be required to have access to it.
  • Bomber man Spirit is required to clear the World of Light map of boulders.
  • When it comes to re-building wooden bridges, you’ll need both Bord & Cord and Barts products. 
  • Cap’n Spirit is required to utilize this boat. 
  • Kapp’n can also be utilized as a school bus driver.
  • We will need Hal Emmerich to break into the computer.
  • You’ll need Kamek Spirit to erect the mushroom platforms in The Mushroom Forest.

Ultimate Difficulty for Super Smash Bros

Even though the game’s complexity goes up quickly, World of Light may be rather hard. Simply modify the level in the Options menu if you’re having trouble. As long as you’re on the map, you may do this at any time, although on Easy mode, you’ll receive fewer prizes.

World of Light (Adventure Mode) – Tips & Tricks

  • It opens with Kirby being the lone survivor of an invasion that wipes off all the other characters and brainwashes them into becoming puppet marionettes for Galeem, the game’s mysterious villain. Now, Kirby must defend the Nintendo Universe and release his buddies from their captor’s grasp. Requiring Kirby’s ability to chain five mid-air hops together, he can reach the ledge without using a special recovery technique or split-second timing.
  • A Primary Spirit, who boosts Team Power, is available once you pick your character. Three sorts of primary spirits exist attack and shield. Be sure to check your opponent’s team color and number in the top right-hand corner of the screen before you engage in a fight with them. Decide on the Primary Spirit that will be the most effective against it. When it comes to grabbing spirits, Attack Spirits (Red) have the upper hand (Green).
  • Grabbing Spirits have a significant advantage over Shield Spirits (Blue). There’s a Y key on the chosen screen if you need help choosing which Spirits to use. When you start the game, it will automatically choose the best spirit for you and guide you down the appropriate route. Don’t forget to customize it from there on out.
  • This means you’ll need to have the appropriate Spirit to overcome these challenges. We need Bord and Cord & Barst to repair the bridges made of wood. So, be patient with yourself. After a while, the pathways will become apparent.
  • Don’t forget to feed your Spirits regularly. When you win battles, you’ll receive little, medium, and large Food packages, and you’ll be able to enhance your Primary Spirit up to 99 levels. 
  • As a result, these are among the most difficult bouts in the game without aid. Check your Support Spirits (the ones adjacent to the Primary Spirit) if you’re having trouble winning these battles. Many of them provide you exceptional powers and immunities, such as immunity to lava, magic, poison, or even the wind, which may be quite dangerous. 

How Many Battles Are There in Adventure Mode? 

As also, we made it a point to track down and awaken every character on the roster. The time we spent playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate Adventure Mode came to almost 27 hours. All in all, you’ll find yourself in 11 distinct themed dungeons throughout the mode. 

World of Light Has a Final Boss, But Who Is It?

The Gale and Dharkon Boss Encounter is the game’s final actual boss fight. After reaching The Final Battle, you can only engage in this combat if you’ve slain both light and evil spirits equally. Fights with simply Dharkon or Galeem result in a poor outcome. 


An entirely new system called spirits has replaced the collectible trophies in past games. After defeating pre-made “Spirit Battles” that reflect the idea of the character portrayed by a spirit, one or more fighters in the game can earn spirits, as well as other level effects. 

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