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Games Like Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the first FPS shooter games published by Activision. Call of Duty games contains gruesome war-themed contexts that make the gamers’ gaming experience even more intense. In gaming, Internet access often plays a part. Players looking for offline games such as Duty Call can thus opt to play the following games on their PC.

Below mentioned games are similar to Call of Duty: –

Counter-Strike: Global Offense

This game needs no introduction because it is already well-known as a multiplayer, first-person shooter title. In this game, players must join the struggle between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Moreover, Players may also play the “Danger Zone” battle-royale game option. They must choose the proper weapon from a collection supplied by the game in order to defeat their foes. If they want to win, the players must focus on collaboration and synchronization.

Player’s Unknown Battleground (PUBG)

(PUBG) is a PUBG corporation’s online combat royal game. Players can enter the match solo, duo, or with a small team. The team that stays till the last will win. Each match begins with players jumping out of a plane onto one of the four maps. Each round, the plane’s flight route across the map changes, requiring players to rapidly calculate the optimum moment to escape or parachute to the land. After landing, players can search buildings, ghost towns, and other locations for guns, cars, armor, etc other items.

Battlefield 5

Battlefield V is an (FPS) video game developed by DICE. It is the 16th part of the fighting range. Battlefield’s multiplayer mode, on the other hand, is where it truly breaks new ground, with huge levels that jam 64 people into action. You might be an infantry soldier pressing towards enemy lines one minute, then take control of a WW1 fighter plane and pour down cover fire from the skies the next.


Overwatch is a first-person shooter online game. Significantly, each hero has a distinct style of play that demands careful expertise, such as Pharoah’s aerial missiles or the task of balancing the Zaryah particles with projected obstacles. There are now 30 characters available that allow you to spend months refining each character.


Fortnite is a huge, 2017 epic online video game. There are three other variants that have the same gameplay, which can be used alternatively. Battle Royale Fortnite, a free-to-play Royal game where up to a hundred people fight for their final stand, and a creative Fortnite where users are free to build planets as well as arenas.

Apex Legends

This game is the next level of realistic stuff. Furthermore, It’s a royal fight with a shooter system for the first person, but it’s faster than the Warzone’s COD setting. We can see a number of characters with different capabilities that allow a superior loadout system that COD players love. It has a unique map with lots of places to explore and an immense number of competitors.


At last, Games offer you an opportunity to flourish, as well as you don’t even mind, when you play well in the company, losing since you have had the pleasure of the company throughout the game.

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