Cringe Fact About Is Call of Duty Banned in India?

The #1 Thing People Get Wrong About Is Call of Duty Banned in India? 

Even from the original notification of Call of Duty Mobile in March 2019, Activision has been mentioned as the note-publisher, but the fact that Tencent has published the game in other areas like India is a bit confusing. You will notice that Indian games and esports reporters have constantly reported that Tencent is the publisher, looking at India’s coverage of the game when launched at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. People now rate that Is Call of Duty also banned in India

The main question that arises in people’s minds that Is Call of Duty is a Chinese App? In simple and the short-term answer is NO. The Call of Duty Game is developed by Activision which is based in Singapore. The Indian government has banned 118 Chinese Apps due to its policy. Most gamers are also fear that Call of Duty is also banned by the Indian government. 

What Reporters Say About Call of Duty 

PUBG and Call of Duty make their special place in everyone’s heart. Both games are very popular and highly downloaded games from Play Store. Both games are developed by Tencent Games. 

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the greatest alternatives to PUBG and was launched in the Royal Combat mode comparable to the Blackout. It is also covered with numerous groupings of characters and a high-tech map that shows the classical sketches of the franchise. The best thing is that mobile devices are extremely easy to play with and offer a selection of levels and modes to give you a successful experience. 

Why Call of Duty is Not Banned?

As earlier said, that, Call of Duty Mobile Game is developed by Tencent Games. As per reports, it is compiled that Call of Duty is not a completely Chinese App. 

Call of Duty v/s Free Fire 

Call of Duty is a more realistic game. The graphics of this game is very amazing. Another side, if we talk about Free Fire Game this is a very ultimate game that makes you feel special while playing this game. 

Call of Duty v/s PUBG

Call of Duty Mobile is quicker and more powerful. Many features make the game exciting, like weapons classes and kill-streak prizes like helicopters. The BR call of service mode takes less time than PUBG Mobile. 

Is Call of Duty Safe? 

The free mobile Call of Duty app is a 17-year-old software that contains warnings of adult material, violence, and language. We want parents to know that this game may be a great habit for the user and provides a lot of in-app shopping as players progress through matches. 


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