Call of Duty Mobile – A Brief Explanation

A Deep Dive into About Call of Duty Game

Call of Duty Mobile is a free first-person shooter (FPS) game created by Tencent Games and published by Activision. In 2003, this game was launched. At present, Tencent and Activision have jointly launched this game for both PC users and android users.

The (COD) firstly launched in July 2019, but it was available only in few countries. At that time, the Beta version of this game was launched for the people, which was only for testing and experiment. Now, this game was officially launched in all over the world. (COD) is also an online multiplayer FPS game like PUBG Mobile and it is also made by Tencent Games. These kinds of online mobile games are known as Battle Royal Games. 

Downloading COD is not hard. Previously, only a beta version of COD was available, and at that time downloading games was difficult. But now this game is officially launched in India, if you are an Android user then you can easily download this game from Google Play Store or from its official website with just one click. iPhone users can download this game from the apple play store or its official website. 

The Ultimate Call of Duty Gameplay Checklist

Its download size is around 1.1 GB. After downloading the resources and other files, this game will also be about 2 GB like PUBG. Therefore, you will need a phone with high RAM and internal storage to download and play this game. To download COD, your smartphone should have at least 2GB of RAM. Android users will be able to download above the Android 5.1 version, while on another side, iPhone users can download it above the iOS 9 version. 

Firstly, make sure that you have to log in and create your profile. To log in, you will get login options like Facebook and Google. Once you log in and create an account, you will not need to log in again and again, all your gameplay and records will be backup automatically. If you do not want to log in then you can also play here in Guest mode. Here you will get all the good options for security and login. 

Playing Call of Duty Mobile Game is not a difficult task. If you have played games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and Fortnight before, then you will find it very easy to play this game, because its control is almost like PUBG and other FPS games. In this, you get different modes, such as – Solo, Duo, and Squad. 

Crushing Your Call of Duty Game Controls Goals

You can use your left thumb to control your character’s movements and you can easily move your right thumb to aim. If you double-click on the right side of the screen, you’ll use the range’s scope. And, as in many other Android games, your weapon will shoot automatically. Like PUBG, it will also have different Guns, Characters, Skins, and Control Settings. You will be able to play it in both TPP and FPP mode.

In this, you will be able to invite your friends, create your team, and team up with other online players to challenge other players just like in PUBG. The one who is last in a match of 100 players will be the winner. Apart from this, many features in the gameplay will be similar to PUBG mobile. It is not going to be difficult for you to play it at all.

Call of Duty Mobile includes two main game modes: ‘Zombies’ and ‘Multiplayer’. This game provides you a better user experience like PUBG. 

The Fascinating Science of Call of Duty Game Options

You will get to see a scroll button on the left side, with the help of which you can move forward and scroll the camera. At the bottom, you will see the guns that you are using in the game, there you will see two guns and below that, you will have the HP show, which shows you how much your health is. On top of that you will also get the option of a gun to reload. Furthermore, on top of that, you will get the option of fire from which you can fire, and, on its side, you will get the option of sleep and standing so that you can fire sitting and lying down. 

Initially, on the top right side, you will get the option of your map so that you can know where you have to go. Similarly, On the side of the map, you will get three options, one for setting a far speaker and the third for a mic. You can change the setting of the game in the setting option. In the mic option, you can also talk to friends or if you want that your voice does not reach them, then you can turn off the mic.  

The Best Approach to Call of Duty Live Streaming

Most of the time, you have seen whenever professional gamer streams live, then he gets messages in the middle of a super chat, so you can also earn money in the same way, now you must be wondering why people give them money. Many people like to play their games.

You can also earn money by recording a video of Call of Duty Mobile and uploading it on YouTube. If you have your YouTube channel and have good number of subscribers on your channel, than you can earn money through live streaming.

Mastering Missions in Call of Duty Game

In this game, you can attract with many different missions. While playing missions you feel good and the graphics of the game was awesome. Let’s discuss every mission: – 

  • Front Line Mission: – In this, we have to kill opponent team players. There is a target of 50 kills, the team that completes its target will win the mission. It doesn’t happen that means no one can kill us.
  • Team Death Match Mission: – This is similar to Front Line Mission. In this mission, there is a target of 40 kills, the team first completes this mission will wins first.
  • Kill Confirm Mission: – In this mission, when we kill the enemy, a dog tag falls at that place. When we take that tag, that kill becomes our name.
  • Hard Point Mission: In this mission, holding a room for some time and preventing players of the opponent team from coming to that point. 100 points are available for capturing the hardpoint, the hardpoint changes in 1 minute and goes to another place. The kill target in this mission is 150 kills.  
  • Gun Fight Mission: – There are 6 rounds in this mission, in which there are 2 teams of 2-2 soldiers, both the teams have the same type of guns, which have to kill each other and finish the round. The team first completes mission, will comes first.

Games furnish us with entertainment and happiness. They invigorate our mind and actuate our body.

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