Call of Duty 2 – Complete Storyline

The Truth About the Call of Duty 2 Story Industry 

In the story of Call of Duty 2 Elias Mason has now left the army and is now living with her son. A new Weapon dealer in Russia Menendez comes in front of Elias as well as requests him to re-join Black OPS because his team disappeared somewhere in the middle of the war. You’ll on the other hand battle in the American, British, and Russian militaries, each experience total with fanatically notable weaponry and gravely highlighted English. 

You’ll routinely endeavor brave attacks against unthinkable chances, battling uncannily shrewd foes who successfully shoot from a cover, retreat, as well as unnervingly get down on your position. Maybe, you’ll regularly end up overwhelmed with 360 degrees worth of activity. CoD2’s formula for drenching begins with a super practical visual setting, however, the greatest piece of what made the game a champion is the brilliant sound. Charming audio cues, eminent voice acting, and an amazing melodic score join for an excellent accomplishment in-game sound. 

Call of Duty 2 Campaign

Call of Duty II is an online game that includes storylines. In this game, player decision motivates the present mission which is partially known as “Strike Force missions”. Picking up a new mission lock out the entire mission, and player has to start a new mission.

Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer

Call of Duty II offers various games types like – Death Match, Team Death Match, and many more types. Each of the teams can choose their weapons according to their needs or requirements. On Xbox, each player can play live and also unlock new maps. There are total 13 maps in which 3 of the maps are imported from the original Call of Duty Mobile

 Call of Duty 2 Commands 

Call of Duty II allows the game’s order console which is effectively available. It also has a wide range of scopes which makes this game more refine. Presently you can get to the control center whenever by squeezing the ‘~’ key (the key above ESC) to open and close it. To get the extended control center, press the SHIFT key and ~ key together (SHIFT+~). The extended control center is especially helpful for seeing the yield of your orders, framework alerts, mistakes. 


Losing is just an opportunity to shine brighter. Steel wins battles, Gold wins wars.

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