Hogwarts Legacy Looks Absolutely Stunning In New 40-Minute Gameplay Deep Dive

Warner Bros. Games has pulled back the curtain on 40 full minutes of gameplay from Hogwarts Legacy today as part of a special showcase, and the big takeaway for us is that Hogwarts itself looks absolutely stunning in action.

A lot of this footage is just focused around exploring the castle itself, which is clearly packed with an immense amount of detail and is much larger in scale than in any Harry Potter game we’ve seen before. We also get a look at the character creator for the first time, along with some basic combat towards the end of the video.

The only thing we’re less impressed with at the moment is the NPC interaction, as the facial animations occasionally seem to be a bit stiff and the voice acting doesn’t always appear to match up very well, but otherwise we’re extremely impressed by what we’re seeing here.

Hogwarts Legacy arrives on Xbox One, Series X and Series S on February 10, 2023, and the team has promised that more gameplay footage will be revealed prior to launch, taking us beyond the Hogwarts school gates next time.

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