The Sims 5 leaked screenshots show apartments and a city neighborhood

When Maxis revealed The Sims 5 (opens in new tab) in October (currently nicknamed Project Rene) it said it would continue sharing sneak peeks throughout development “as well as start to open up early access to Project Rene software to small groups over time.” That’s clearly already begun, because at least one of those small group members appears to have shared some photos of it.

A since-deleted account posted 11 photos over on Reddit (opens in new tab) from what they claim is a Sims 5 playtest. You can click through to see the spoilered images, which do match up with the early footage that Maxis showed off during the reveal livestream. The interface and objects all look like the official reveal, so yup, these are pretty likely genuine.

off_screen_pictures_of_a_play_test_for_the_sims_5 from r/thesims

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