Over $1B worth of stolen Bitcoin found in popcorn tin

This could be my strong peasant heritage talking, but having a little cash squirrelled away for emergencies is always a good plan. A few bills stashed around the house in sock drawers, the back of a freezer, and in old food tins is fairly common practice for those of us who are ever ready for the proverbial rainy day. Making sure we’ll be covered for a few essentials like some emergency food if we ever need is all I’ve ever been able to spare as far as hidden house money goes, and as it turns out my meagre funds are severely rookie numbers.

As reported by BBC News (opens in new tab), $3.36bn USD worth of stolen Bitcoin was seized by the police from one man’s home in Georgia last year. The funds were found on devices stored all over his house, which included a safe hidden under the floor, and a good old popcorn tin. According to the US authorities, the net worth made it the second largest seizure in history. That’s a Noah’s Ark level of preparation for a rainy day.

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