Stranger Things VR game casts you as the villainous Vecna

Tender Claws, the studio responsible for sinister AI comedy Virtual Virtual Reality (which we dubbed one of the best VR games), has announced that it’s working on a Stranger Things tie-in horror game. Based on the brief teaser trailer, Stranger Things VR will be about exploring the Upside Down, encountering the monstrous denizens of that dimension, and doing psychic battle with the series’ protagonists, all from the perspective of season 4’s big bad, Vecna.

Like all the monsters of Stranger Things, including the Demogorgon we see a glimpse of in the trailer, Vecna is named after a classic enemy from Dungeons & Dragons. In this case, the archetypal lich whose eye and hand became powerful artifacts after his death. (His head too, if you believe certain tales (opens in new tab).) 

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